Teen Holiday Stress and Hypnotherapy

Teen Holiday Stress and Hypnotherapy

When you’re in your adolescence and teens, life in general tends to be stressful. You are no longer a child, but you’re not an adult either. Your social life is expanding separate from your immediate family, but you are not yet independent from your family’s activities. Teen holiday stress can become quite overwhelming, for both the teenagers and their parents.

In an article entitled, Holiday Stress: HuffPost Teen’s Guide to Surviving December, they commented:

“Holidays often seem simple when you’re a kid: There are dinners, presents and lots of fun traditions. But as you get older, it’s easy for the holidays to turn from joyful to stressful. Overwhelming amounts of homework, gift-giving dilemmas and changing family dynamics can contribute to losing the holiday spirit you loved as a kid.”

Handling Teen Holiday Stress from the Start

So many times we tend to wait until holiday stress is so severe that what should have been a time of joyous celebration with those we care most about has become a miserable time for all. If, however, we begin handling potential stressful situations prior to when the holidays are in full swing, we can avoid those issues which would cause the most stress. So, if we have teenagers, how can we help lessen teen holiday stress before it gets out of hand?

Unless you are positively familiar with hypnotherapy it may not be on your radar to think of it. One of the things about being in your teens and dealing with teen holiday stress is that it is often hard to know what changes are causing you difficulty in coping. Sharing your deep stress feelings with a parent may also seem impossible. Where a teen may not want to talk with a parent, they may feel a sense of relief in sharing with a neutral hypnotherapist. If they are presented with the idea of speaking with a professional hypnotherapist who will keep everything confidential, and who can help them sort out their feelings, hypnotherapy will be apt to be positively embraced. Remember, in order for hypnotherapy to be successful, the patient must be willing. A teenager must have a sense that they have the right to choose.

Getting in Touch with the Inner Feelings that are Causing Teen Holiday Stress

Holidays can bring back memories from the past, and many times life has brought about changes due to time marching on. That alone brings about stress due to a lack of the familiar and the security that offers. An organization called Middle Earth has as its mission helping teens move successfully into responsible adulthood. In one of their blogs entitled, Yes, Teens Get Stressed During the Holidays, Too, they commented:

“If a family has gone through a change recently, it is even more important to encourage teens to talk about their feelings. Let them know that their feelings are normal. Remind them that it is ok to cry or express their feelings, and that, over time, things will get easier. Suggest they skip some activities that are too painful or allowing themselves to start a new family tradition, as a way of making a new start. Emphasize that they can’t force themselves to be happy just because it is the holiday season, and that they should not feel guilty about that.”

It is at times like these that introducing your teens to hypnotherapy to relieve their teen holiday stress can be hugely helpful. It can often be the turning point for them – and you. Call today (510) 253-3549 for a session to introduce your teen to hypnotherapy.