Overcoming Mommy Blues with Hypnosis

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. The family is excited and joyous over the pending birth of the new baby. However, there is another side to this that people often do not like to discuss, that is the Mommy Blues. When new mothers experience this they often do not want to admit it, because she fears that it would be looked upon negatively.

How can a mother not be happy about her new baby?Remember this is not your fault; there was nothing you’ve done to cause this.  Whether a woman is pregnant or had just recently given birth,Mommy Blues is real and is more common than you may think.

Statistics show that many women will feel down or tearful within a few days after giving birth (this is true Baby Blues if only for a few days). The cause may be a fluctuation in hormones that the body cannot control.

During the pregnancy, a woman may feel blue because she is physically uncomfortable. Perhaps she is full of worry and stress about the baby. Maybe she is overwhelmed because she has so much to do to get her home ready for the baby. There can be many causes for the Mom to feel overwhelmed.

It is important to address this issue when it is recognized because if left untreated, it may increase in severity and become full-blown. That can have negative effects on the mother’s bonding with the new baby. She may start to feel guilty about her feelings.

Feeling of inadequacy can develop, making her feel like a bad mother. Hypnosis can help. The worst thing to do is to ignore what is happening. No alternative substitutes the place of an evaluation or treatment from a medical health provider when experiencing the Mommy Blues.

How Hypnosis Can Help Mothers Overcome the Mommy Blues

Hypnosis is an excellent natural approach that works well with other therapies. Hypnotherapy can help Mom with the way she thinks and feels and give her better coping skills in the current situation. Behavior can be changed so that the she can learn techniques to replace her scary thoughts or feelings with healthier and happier ones.

My belief is in helping pregnant woman and new moms heal naturally whenever possible.

I as a hypnotherapist will offer guidance through hypnosis safely and supportively . With hypnosis, the “Mom” can fully enjoy the magical experience and joyous aspects of baby and motherhood.