Pre-holiday Stress on Your Children

Pre-holiday Stress on Your Children

Stress during the holidays is almost legendary. Adults all know that adding the extra activities associated with the holiday season and pre-holiday season can be overwhelming at times. When we become fatigued and irritable those closest to us are usually the most affected. Women in particular are usually the most severely affected adults with pre-holiday stress. When a mother is stressed to the limits, children in the family will pick up those stressful vibes. The sad fact is that often adults are so busy dealing with their own stress prior and during the holidays that they don’t realize that their children are also dealing with the same pre-holiday stress that they are.

In a Wiki how article entitled, How to Reduce Stress in Children, the author states:

“Stress in children differs from adult stress in that children lack experience and communication skills in comparison to adults and, therefore, handle and express stress differently. Children’s stress may be caused by any positive or negative event that is outside of the normal routine, and often manifests in the form of physical symptoms and/or behavioral changes.”

Hypnotherapy in Helping Children Cope with Pre-holiday Stress

Often when young children become over anxious and begin displaying irritable or abhorrent behaviors, we as adults (who ourselves are overstressed) only make matters worse.   Rather than yelling at our children and pushing them away at such times, we can help them to deal with their pre-holiday stress by introducing them to hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy, given by a licensed, certified hypnotherapist, such as myself, can prove to be the best holiday gift you can give to your child, and yourself.

You may wonder if hypnotherapy can really be that effective for a young child. Actually, studies have shown that children respond better than adults to hypnotherapy. In an article published by the University of Michigan Health System, it states:

“Historically, hypnotherapy was rarely practiced with children, because people thought that children could not be hypnotized. In the 1970’s, however, observations suggested that children were easier to hypnotize than adults, and that hypnosis could be used in the treatment of behavioral and physical problems in children.”

With proper professional guidance your children can be taught how to deal with the pre-holiday stresses around them and realize that their little world is still quite secure. The best part of hypnotherapy at this early age is that your child will be learning coping skills that will help them far beyond the pre-holiday and holiday season.

While you are at it, why don’t you help handle your own pre-holiday stress with hypnotherapy this year? Schedule a session for you and your child today (510) 253-3549.