Making Dreams Come True with Positive Affirmations

Life is nothing like a fairytale. You just don’t wake up one day to discover that all your dreams have come true. In the real world, you need to fight hard to reach your heart’s desires.


The path leading to your dreams is challenging. It is filled with plenty of ups and downs that will test your patience and determination. Without positive thinking, you are likely to give up.


The Power of Thoughts

Everything begins from a thought. Where are your actions formed? Where do the words you speak come from? If you really think about it, you will realize they are all products of your thoughts.


Your thoughts are energy. They drive your life the same way gasoline makes a car run. Without them, you are just a bag of flesh, unaware of things around you.


You Become Your Thoughts

What you think is what you will reap. In James Allen’s “As a Man Thinketh”, the author compared the human mind to a garden.


He explained that if planted with beautiful plants and carefully nurtured, the garden will yield healthy flowers and become a place of comfort and peace. But if neglected, weeds will creep in, destroy the beauty and yield thorns and destruction.


The same is true with the mind. If you plant positive thoughts into your mind, there is no doubt that you will reap a beautiful and healthy life. However, if you choose to plant negative thoughts you should expect chaos and despair in your life.


As you strive to make your dreams come true, always keep in mind that you cannot sow poison ivy and hope to reap apples. This means, you cannot think negative thoughts and expect to reach your dreams. If you want to achieve your heart’s desires, you must fill your mind with thoughts that motivate you; not with thoughts that weigh you down.


Releasing Negative Thoughts

How do you let go of negative thoughts? It would be easy to release them if you can hold them and pluck them out of your mind. But, it is more complicated than that.


If you let negative thoughts thrive inside your mind, you are setting yourself on a path towards failure. They will solidify your negative behavior and give rise to more toxic thoughts. This is why if you have been holding on to negative thoughts for a while now, it can be hard to let go of them.


Is there a way out? The good news is, YES THERE IS! There is a way to change the quality of your thoughts and that is through the use of affirmations.


What are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are short and powerful statements that enable you to shape reality by focusing your thoughts toward a particular mindset. They are simple to use but they can create a profound effect.


When you make positive affirmations, you are taking charge of your thoughts. You are declaring authority over your mind, and not the other way around. They allow you to assert what you wish to be true and give you the opportunity to transform your life through positivity.


How to Use Positive Affirmations

  1. Identify your negative self-talk and beliefs.

Do this step in handwriting so you can truly connect with your inner self. Refrain from making mental lists or using the computer.


First, divide a piece of paper in half lengthwise. You may draw a line or fold it in half. On the left side, list down all your self-limiting statements like, “I can’t afford a vacation” or “It’s impossible to lose weight.” Write anything that comes into your mind. Do not hold back, just be spontaneous and honest.


Next, spend a few days listening carefully to yourself, to what you are thinking and saying. You may also ask a close friend or a relative to listen, too. Add negative self-talk statements to your list as they come up.


After you think you have already listed them all, wait. More will come up. As you release the top layer of your mind, the next layer will be revealed.


  1. Create affirmations out of those self-talk and beliefs.

Now, this is the tricky part. Writing positive affirmations can be tough and intimidating but believe me, you CAN do it!


As you write down your new affirmations, you may feel a huge resistance. It is highly likely you won’t believe a thing you write. At some point, you will also feel discouraged. You may even start thinking, “This won’t work.”


What you will feel is normal. That is how most people experience when they start. I encourage you to remain strong and work your way through those obstacles.


Now, let’s go back to your list. On the right side of your paper, across from each left-side statement, write an affirmation that transforms that negative statement into a positive one.


For example:

  • “I can’t afford a vacation” becomes “I can afford to take a relaxing vacation.”
  • “It’s impossible to lose weight” becomes “Losing weight is easy.”
  • “I can’t save any money” becomes “I can build my savings.”
  • “I’ll never get married” becomes “I’m ready to meet my perfect partner.”


Your affirmations must be written in the present tense. Write “I am…” or “I can…” instead of “I will be…” or “I’m going to be…” Do not use the word “try” because “I’m trying…” is self-perpetuating.


  1. Begin using your positive affirmations.

Fold the paper in half again, covering the left side and showing only what you have written on the right. Ignore the left side forever.


Post the folded paper somewhere you will see it often. Place it on top of your desk, over the bathroom sink or anywhere you prefer. Read your positive affirmations from time to time but do not dwell on your list. Simply take it as a reminder that you are transforming your mindset.


If ever you catch yourself thinking or saying any of your old limiting beliefs, stop yourself quickly. Transform them into positive affirmations right then and there.


Share your plan to family and friends and ask them to help by pointing out any negative self-talk you may commit. When they do, transform the negative to the positive immediately. Tell them your new affirmation.


  1. Watch your dreams come to life.

There is no doubt that you can achieve your dreams if you do the first three tasks. Through positive thinking, anything that you dream can become reality!


If you stick with the three simple steps, here is what will happen:

  • After you write it, you can start reading it.
  • When you start reading it, you will be able to start saying it.
  • When you start saying it, you start hearing it.
  • When you start hearing it, you start to believe it.
  • When you believe it, things begin to change.
  • When things begin to change, you will understand and achieve your goals.


Sometimes, going through change alone can be overwhelming. You may need someone to support and guide you as you work towards the realization of your dreams. I would be glad to be there for you!


As a hypnotherapist, I can help you release your negative self-talk and develop positive ones. Together, we can create plans on how you can let go of limiting habits that keep you from succeeding. Call Hypnotherapy Healing today at (510) 253-3549. Feel free to send me a message to at [email protected].