BOOST Your Immune System with Hypnosis

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The cold season is around the corner.  We know that to enjoy a health we need to eat a balanced diet, exercise, rest, and minimize stress.  We all want to be healthy, but do you know just how important it is to actively participate in strengthening your immune system.

What is the immune system exactly?

Most of us know we have an immune system, but what is it really?  The immune system is a phrase that encompasses many various complex interactions that our body has when something invades the body.  The human body has evolved in order to defend itself automatically against disease borne agents.  Imagine that there is a team of warriors within you that are really free-roaming cells whose sole job is to seek out and destroy the disease borne agents that invade the body.  These warriors are amazing!

How do the warriors protect you?

Within every warrior cell is a blueprint or pattern that when the disease borne agent invades, the warrior cell recognizes it.  The warrior locks onto the invader and sets about to destroy them.  They are pre-programmed for battle.  There are times when serious infections sets in and the warrior cells actually clone themselves to battle the invader.

Did you know that YOU can influence these warrior cells?

Yes it is really possible to influence your immune system and boost these warrior cells.  We know that stress can effect the immune system adversely.  Those who have prolonged stress are more prone to illness; as well as take longer to recover.  Reducing stress is paramount to keeping your immune system healthy and effective.  But there is more ways to influence these warrior cells.

Scientific research confirms hypnosis can boost the immune system

Hypnosis has shown in scientific studies that when stress reducing suggestions are given, the warrior cells (T- and B- cells) increased their levels (cloned themselves more rapidly).  With hypnosis which pulls together the understanding of the mind-body interactions, you can strengthen your immune system.  This alone can help you dramatically reduce the effects of stress in your life.

During the hypnosis session you are in a state of profound relaxation.  In this state your brain is open to effective learning.  It is here that I will give you precisely targeted suggestions that are specifically created to boost the functioning and efficiency of your warrior cells to strengthen your immune system.  While your conscious mind takes the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate, your unconscious mind will being to take the steps to fortify and amplify your immune system.

Let’s get YOUR immune system ready for the upcoming season NOW.  Call today to schedule your one on one Immune Boosting Session.