SAT Power Up with Hypnotherapy

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“What did I just read?”   Do you have a lot of material to absorb and feel like you are struggling to comprehend what you read?  You are not alone – but there is a solution!

It’s that time of year again when students are gearing up to take the SAT and ACT tests.  The pressure to be admitted into university is ramping up and the absolute need to successfully take the SAT or ACT test.  The stress of knowing that the score can determine whether you get into the university of your choice piles on.  You study and study.  Hours of practice testing.  The stress builds.

A little known fact is that when you are stressed, reading comprehension lowers dramatically.  What you studied hours on, you can’t recall.  During the test every question has to be re-read over and over again.  As you re-read the question, stress continues to build.  The higher the stress level, it seems the less you can remember.

There is a solution!  There is a way to relieve the stress, create optimum study time, and improve your SAT score.

Take your tests with a new found alertness, focus, and level of concentration by being relaxed.  With hypnosis you can

  • retain more information in less time
  • improve your comprehension of what you read
  • have more confidence and eliminate test taking anxiety
  • increase concentration and staying alert
  • improve ability to recall information quickly

Hypnosis cannot promise a perfect score, however, it can optimize your ability to study effectively and retain information by eliminating the stress and anxious fears of the test.  By allowing your subconscious mind to relax, your subconscious mind opens to suggestive patterns designed to create confidence, neural connections to memory, and stress releasers.  This allows you to create conscious studying and test taking rituals to move towards a greater sense of confidence during the SAT testing.

Hypnosis is about reaching a relaxed state with our minds which allows us to feel calm, relaxed, focused and confident.  Even when you are in a state or situation that may cause anxiousness or fear.  The ability to achieve this state is a major benefit when taking major tests and in the ability to recall information.   Focused concentration while studying after the first hour will diminish.  It is how our brains work.  They start to go into “information overload”.  SAT studying and even the testing creates this “information overload” situation.  Hypnosis allows you to override the overload.

Don’t continue “information overload” stress, schedule an appointment today and POWER UP your SAT’s.