Recovery and Overcoming Holiday Stress

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For the recovering addict, the holiday stress can be too much. Shopping, cooking, organizing events and other tasking preparations for the season may cause a person to stray from the path of recovery. As the holidays approach, you can prepare yourself by observing these helpful steps:


Get organized.

The holiday season gets so busy that events often overlap. This can be extremely stressful most especially if you are in charge of organizing these events. To avoid feeling stressed out, get organized. Whether you are planning or simply attending events, it helps to write down your plans. Everything seems clearer if you put them down on paper. Strategize and ask help from others if you need to.


Express your emotions.

The holidays can make you feel emotional and the best way to deal with your emotions is to let them out. Do not fight your emotions or bury them within you. Instead, learn to express them healthily. You will feel lighter and less stressed, plus others will be able to understand how you feel.


Do not be too hard on yourself.

With the year about to end, you have the tendency to look back and regret things you did and didn’t do. When this happens, remember to be kind to yourself. Do not blame yourself for what you did or didn’t do. Take your experiences as lessons and motivate yourself to do better next year.


Surround yourself with loved ones.

It can be especially tough when you are spending the holidays alone. Invite your family to share the special season with you. You don’t need to make elaborate preparations. Go for a walk around the block, watch a movie together or have meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee. If it is impossible for you to have family over, invite friends or people from your support group.


Do something meaningful.

Make your holidays meaningful by helping others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or support someone who needs your guidance. This season, grab the opportunity to share your time and effort to those in need. Radiate love, joy and peace everywhere you go.


According to psychotherapist and Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life author Jude Bijou, your ultimate goal during the holidays should be to savor meaningful moments with your family and friends, and to feel joy, love and peace so you can take a time off your day to day routine. If achieving this goal is challenging for you, hypnosis can help. With it, you can manage holiday stress effectively and keep yourself focused on recovery. To enjoy your holiday season, schedule your free consultation by calling (510) 253-3549. You may also send me a message at [email protected].