The Positive Impact of Hypnosis on Sleeplessness

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All of us has suffered sleeplessness at some point. We have all tried staying up late while working on an important report or perhaps losing precious hours of sleep to watch our favorite late night show. We feel awful the next day but we just fix it by catching up on the hours we missed. However, there are some who live with sleeplessness as though it is a part of their day to day lives. As a matter of fact, their lack of sleep has taken control of their lives that they can no longer function normally because of it.


Sleeplessness is usually the result of worries, fears, anxiousness and poor brain wave patterns. For you to fall asleep, your brain must effectively switch from a beta brain wave into alpha. Your alpha state is where everything feels dreamy. It is the state right before you sleep where visualizations are clear and your brain is ready to fall into your delta and theta states and be asleep.


What happens to your brain when you cannot sleep? When your conscious mind is occupied with worries, thoughts, fears, problems and other thoughts, the brain has a hard time ceasing from its conscious processes. You remain stuck in your beta state.


The consequences of the lack of sleep

We all know that sleeplessness makes us grumpy and foggy throughout the day. But the lack of sleep has bigger consequences than what is commonly known. It can affect our memory, looks and even our ability to lose weight.


Sleep loss is considered as a big public safety hazard. Would you believe that sleeplessness served as a factor in some of the biggest disasters in the world’s history? The lack of sleep has been discovered as the cause of accidents such as the 1979 nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, the massive Exxon Valdez oil spill and the devastating 1986 nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl. It has claimed a lot of lives and still continues to.


After losing a night’s sleep, we experience pale skin and puffy eyes. However, if you miss sleep on a frequent basis, it can change the way you look. Sleeplessness promotes the production of the stress hormone cortisol. When produced in excess amounts, the hormone breaks down the skin’s collagen which keeps skin smooth and elastic. Without sleep, you develop fine lines making you look older than your age.


Moreover, recent studies reveal that sleeplessness stimulates your appetite. A link has been found between sleep and the peptides that regulates the appetite. Shortened sleep time is associated with lowered levels of leptin and elevated levels of ghrelin. Ghrelin stimulates hunger while leptin signals satiety to the brain. But that is not all! Another research asserts that missing sleep makes you crave for high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods. Because of this, ongoing studies are now considering adequate sleep as a standard part of their weight loss programs.


Proof hypnosis is effective in improving quality of sleep

In 2014, a team of Swiss researchers discovered that even just a short session of hypnosis can result to a better quality of sleep. They tested a group of 70 women, half of which were made to listen to sleep-promoting audio tapes containing hypnotic suggestion. The women who listened these tapes spent two-thirds less time awake and had 80 percent more time spent in deep sleep compared than those who slept without hypnotic suggestion.


Study co-author and University of Fribourg (Switzerland) psychology professor Bjorn Rasch said that their new study is the first to assess the effectivity of hypnosis by measuring brain-wave activity. According to him, there have been many reports claiming that hypnosis “can be a good thing for promoting sleep” but these claims were only based on how people felt when they’ve woken up and is, therefore, subjective.


Take the first step to better sleep today

If you have sleep issues, it is likely that you are aware of your problem. Early in the day, you begin to worry whether or not you are going to be able to catch some sleep that night. And once you miss a night of sleep, you worry even more about not sleeping the next night. This becomes a cycle until sleeplessness takes over your entire life.


You can break out of this cycle. But you can’t do it all on your own. You are going to need some help because your brain is an expert at losing sleep. It does not know how to do it any differently. If it did, you wouldn’t be struggling with sleeplessness. So, in order to sleep better, you have to teach your brain how to go directly into an alpha state. How can you do this? The answer is simple: through hypnosis.


As the recent study has proven, hypnosis is very effective. It is easy and struggle-free. Unlike taking sleeping pills, it creates lasting results and addresses the underlying cause of your sleeplessness. Take the first step to better sleep today. Call (510) 253-3549 to schedule your FREE consultation. You may also send me a message at [email protected].