Panic Attack Strategies

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Heart racing, nausea, palms sweating along with an overwhelming sudden experience of intense fear.  It happens so quickly, but the waves crash in over and over again.  Sometimes for hours. You start to hyperventilate and then without reasoning, it simply ends.

First time a panic attack happens many describe the same symptoms of a heart attack.  It is a confusing and scary experience.  The sudden onset can cause additional fear in your day to day life.  Will another attack happen today?  There is hope!  Here are some simple strategies that can help lower the severity and occurrences of panic attacks giving you a grounded and balanced life.  Combing these simple strategies along with hypnotherapy and working with your mental health provider can create a new way of being WITHOUT panic attacks.

What Works?


Stress and tension can bring on additional panic attacks.  It is key to make time to relax every day.  Taking time out to soak in a warm bath, taking a walk or meditating helps to release the stress and tension.


Diet or more specifically your blood sugar levels can trigger anxiety leading into a panic attack.  Try to eat something every three hours to keep your levels stable.  Avoid triggering substances like alcohol and caffeine.


Focus on your breathing.  Concentrate of taking slow and deep breaths from your belly, rather than your chest.  This slowed, deep breathing can assist the diaphragm to function properly and help with the hyperventilating.

Hypnosis and Panic Attack Connection

Hypnosis can be a great strategy for minimizing panic attacks.   The increased relaxation techniques that you can learn through hypnosis become a habit for the body to fall back on when an attack happens.  By learning these techniques in a hypnotic state, the subconscious mind develops a new reaction when the panic attack is triggered which brings the new reaction to the conscious mind.

Hypnosis relaxations can not only teach your subconscious mind slowed breathing patterns, but as a result decrease your heart rate, relax your muscles, and minimize the emotional impact of a panic attack.  Even if you struggle with relaxation due to constant anxiety, learning to relax with hypnosis can be achieved.  The subconscious mind and your conscious are always listening to your body, simply quieting the body can allow both the subconscious and conscious minds to begin to relax.  That small step in relaxing can be the key to opening the door to gaining power of your panic attacks.

Let’s reclaim peace of mind and begin the steps to minimizing your panic attacks today.  Call me to schedule an appointment so we can work together to reclaim your life back.