Hypnosis Can Help With Mommy Blue’s

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CONGRATULATIONS!  Your new baby coming home is an exciting time.  You have waited a long nine months in anticipation of this arrival.  You envisioned holding your new born, singing to them, rocking them and creating this incredible bond.

So why do you feel like crying all the time?

This is supposed to be a celebration.  A blissful experience.  What it feels like is an exhaustive experience of anxiety, frustration and longing.  Tears coming at every corner.  The vision you saw during those nine months isn’t happening.

Mommy blues are more common than you might think.  Nearly every new mommy experiences at least some of the mommy blues raging from sadness, longing, irritability, and anxiety.  Add all of that will the lack of sleep and change in hormones that brand new mothers have, it can feel as though life is too much.

Having a difficult time in bonding with your baby, a lack of energy and motivation, and even feeling inadequate in your ability as a new mom can be shifted into a blissful experience that you envisioned during your nine month anticipation.  There is no known reason why some new mom’s experience the mommy blue’s – it is not YOUR fault.  Making a choice to recognize it is huge and there is HOPE.

There are some simple lifestyle shifts that may help with the mommy blues.

  • SLEEP – While a full night’s sleep may seem like an unattainable luxury as a new mom, do what you can to get at least 8 hours a day.  Perhaps having a family member watch your new born while you nap.  Getting 8 hours a day can make a huge difference in your ability to bond and care for both you and your baby.
  • EAT – It is really important that you keep eating a nutritionally balanced diet.  Especially if you are trying to breastfeed.  Keeping your body nourished is caring for your infant.
  • SUNSHINE – Try and get outside and get vitamin D for at least 10 minutes a day.  It can help elevate your mood.
  • RELAX – The new identity of becoming a mom can be overwhelming.  Take time out to pamper the woman in you.  Take a bath, have a girlfriend night, or even simply lighting some of your favorite scented candles.
  • TALK – Don’t keep your feelings to yourself.  If you cannot talk with your spouse or family, find someone that you can have an emotional outlet with.  Share with them the good, bad, and the ugly of your feelings.  Keeping it all inside will only lead to feeling isolated.  Find someone who will listen and support you without judgment.

Hypnosis can help.  Hypnosis is uniquely designed to boost spirits, create balance, and comfort your soul while you are adjusting to your new life as a mom.  This can create an inner self-confidence needed to begin the bonding process.  As you feel irritable, tired, anxious, stressed and vulnerable – hypnosis works to help balance the mood, create relaxation which alleviates the anxiety, stress, and irritability, and allows you to recharge when you do sleep.

A hypnosis session can create confidence within YOU for the choices you are making as a new mom and alleviate doubts and fears allowing you to know that you are doing your very best.  It can retrain your subconscious mind with regards to your coping mechanism and release the anxiety.  This allows you to anchor in the happiness, joy, and confidence of being a new mom.  This allows for you to have a deeper bond with your new baby.  Your infant will immediately feel more receptive to the bonding as well.

I would love to be that trusted person that helps you create the beautiful, loving, and nurturing bond with your infant so that YOU can experience the bliss of being a new mom.  Schedule a session today by calling me at 510-253-3549.