Mommy Blues and the Holidays

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It’s the delightful period of the year! Declarations, Christmas music, family get-togethers are always part of this holiday period. Even though it’s intended to be a period of joy, there are countless that are not joyous but are dealing with depression and stress. I hope I could tell you there is a speedy therapy for depression but we all know there isn’t. Nevertheless, there are different things you can do to manage stress during the holidays and I would love to share a few.

The blues are generally activated by sadness. However, what causes sadness differs from one person to another. Some of the things that causes the holiday blues includes:

  • Fatigue
  • Family responsibilities
  • Absence from family
  • stress
  • financial stress
  • unrealistic anticipations
  • loss of a family associate

If you suffer from the holiday blues it is important to first be cognizant. Trying to dodge the condition will simply make the feelings worse.

Don’t commit yourself too much. Of course you may be thoughtful that this is easier said than done, but you have to decide and say no. One of the leading culprits of holiday stress or the holiday blues is excessive commitment and the fatigue that complements it.  With a newborn it can be difficult to juggle everything in your life, be sure to take time for just you.

Financial stress is one that can be abridged. Decide what you want to achieve this holiday period. Will it take money to make your holiday period a great one? Or is it the time spent with family and friends? Evade the financial strain and make gifts, or give of your time instead. The gift of time is much more cherished than an expensive item that will not only halt your bank but will be hastily forgotten.

Manage your health. For you to truly enjoy the holiday period and reduce the depression and mommy blues, you must manage yourself! It’s as simple as eating, sleeping and exercising. Sleep is vital to your total health and getting the restful sleep will aid your body in dealing with the stressors it will encounter. Perhaps trade off nap times with other new moms. Making wise selections in the foods you eat plus your day-to-day exercise will aid to lessen the stress. Watch your portion sizes and don’t overeat on one food item. This doesn’t lead to you enjoying cookies and desserts however, rather than reaching for the double chocolate chip cookies select the oatmeal raisin instead.

One of the top means to reduce the holiday blues is to stay around people.  Stepping out of the house is needed and will aid to clear your cognizance of all the tasks you think you must accomplish.  If too much commitment is part of the issue, request your friends and family to assist with the cooking, shopping, and decorating.

Hypnosis May Help

Working through the happenings of your day can help put your emotions in perspective.  Hypnotherapy can release the stress and allow yourself to feel more connected. These positive emotions can help you feel more at peace with your life and can help create a real mindset change in your attitude.

Contact me today (510) 253-3549 to find out how working together this holiday season we can reduce the mommy blues so that you can completely enjoy this holiday season with your new baby.