You Are More Than Your Addiction: Hypnosis for Addiction

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Your addiction has dominated your life for so long.  Making your decisions based upon the priority your addiction has set for you.  The disease consumed your thoughts, your actions, and your very life.  Discovering recovery can almost seem like shifting one addiction to another – meetings and support groups to talk about your addiction.  Relapse prevention revolves around your disease.

YOU are more than your addiction!  Yes, you may be an addict, but you are so much more.  Your disease is what you have – NOT WHO YOU ARE!.  Addiction has emotional root which lies in the way we see ourselves.  Whether subconsciously seeing yourself as unworthy, ugly, stupid, fat, or rejectable; this underlying cause creates a deep wound within resulting in a wounded state of buried pain, fear, guilt, shame all leading to addiction.  Addiction is a symptom of not being able to face the darkness of the pain inside.

Stepping into recovery, it is important to heal the wound of the emotions.  To be able to see the truth about who you really is the key into living beyond your addiction.

Life is not about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.

It is vital to discover and nurture who you want to become as you transition into recovery.  Who you want to become outside of a recovered addict.  The amazing, worthy, beautiful being that you were born to be.  Discovering what you like to do, where you like to spend time, and your soul passions are exciting times.  There are many paths to choose from and many ways to begin this discovery.

Defining yourself outside of your addiction can be difficult.  For so long the disease has told you that you do not deserve, they you not strong enough, or that you are not creative enough just to name a few.  That is the addiction talking – not the real authentic you.

YOU only live once!  Discovering your passion and purpose can allow you to experience happiness, fun, adventure, and fulfillment.  You can live life to its fullest.  Getting to know yourself and nurturing your inner self to become someone you love is more than recovery – it is part of living life.

Just for today, recognize that you are more than your disease.  Here is the KEY:  You already have within your mind everything you need – you simply need to tap into the resources within.  I’m here to help you to tap into your power to create the INCREDIBLE YOU that you are.

Regardless of what your addiction was, hypnosis for addiction can assist you to get to the roots of your addiction, remove the need of consumption, and eliminate withdrawal symptoms.  Take the next step, make the decision to cultivate YOU outside your disease.  Together let’s create YOUR life of passion and fulfillment.