Tong Ren

Tong Ren healing is so simple, just tap the doll with a hammer and use the mind to connect to the unconscious. Indeed if we follow the quantum mechanics theory regarding entanglement, when we tap the doll, the energy can affect another object.  The basic power of Tong Ren Healing is from the collective unconscious – the mind can change matter. Also, Tong Ren healing follows the blockage points in the body – the blockages in the nerves or arteries that can cause illnesses. The result is two objects in entanglement. Additionally, there is proof in quantum theory that the mind has power that can change the particles with collapse and superposition.

Many people view Tong Ren as perhaps weird or even call it Voodoo. It does not matter what people call it Tong Ren is healing a part of science without any mystery and no religious background is required. Education takes time. As more people are educated about quantum physics, then Tong Ren healing will become more popular and a part of science.Tong Ren healing parallels quantum theory that the mind is a form of Power. Its power truly reveals a mind- altering view of the world and how we effect it.

Now it is time to update the medical healing system: it does not matter which healing system, whether traditional, complementary, alternative or integrative medicine the result and healing rate are the most important.. The future mainstream scientific medicine must belong to quantum healing, which we may call quantum medicine.

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